Argentine Tango Workshop

Argentine Tango Workshop

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Come embrace the dance of tango! Argentine Tango is a danced filled with sensuality and passion, originating in the streets of Buenos Aires. Its notable trait is the connection within the embrace. Its improvisational nature provides a magical sensation of moving together as one.

This workshop will cover the essentials to dancing figures for small spaces, so you are prepared to have a blast social dancing and make the most out of a crowded milonga, like you'll find at the upcoming New Orleans Tango Festival! This workshop is for ALL LEVELS.

This 2.5 hour experience includes:

  • Concepts and techniques for The Embrace, Variations of Essential Figures, and Embellishments with a focus on connection, floor navigation for small spaces, and musicality.
  • Secrets to making your dance exciting and unforgettable for both you and your partner.
  • The codes of social dancing and proper etiquette, so that you can enjoy dancing socially wherever you find yourself.
  • A fun group experience with instructors Alexander Rowe and Lindsey Zan
  • Two hours of instruction and a 30-minute practice milonga
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